Film schools have helped produce some of the greatest filmmakers of all
time -- Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, to name a few. But, in
many ways, they've also been restricted to a select few.

Which is why I'm pleased to report that today marks the start of a
partnership between YouTube and the Vancouver Film School

to make film school accessible to up-and-coming filmmakers all over the world!

Aspiring directors, actors, animators, screenwriters – even sound
designers – in all of YouTube's 19 countries are invited to step up to
the challenge in order to win one of three scholarships to any of
Vancouver Film School's 14 outstanding educational programmes.

After Vancouver Film School whittles down the submission pool to top applicants, the YouTube community will vote for the three scholarship winners.

This is your chance to continue the democratization of filmmaking and to determine who some of our brightest future film stars might be.

Check out the competition and visit our FAQs to confirm your eligibility and pick up tips on creating a top-notch entry.

Happy filmmaking,

Sara P.

YouTube Film