Today, Argentina becomes the 25th country to get its own version of YouTube. This means that Argentines will be able to more easily discover local talent like GuadalajaraMan, UESiglo21, farolatino, casiangeles or yoteloexplico, as well as view the most popular and most viewed videos in their country.

To experience the new site, head to the bottom of the page, click on the ‘Location’ tab, and select Argentina from the menu:

We’re also teaming up with local broadcasters to ensure that YouTube viewers, wherever you may be, can watch some of the best news, sports and public television videos being made in Argentina today. Such partners include Encuentro, America TV, Boca Juniors and TV P├║blica. Other Argentine video-makers can apply for partnership at

We look forward to working with everyone in Argentina to make the YouTube community even bigger and brighter than it is today.
Ricardo Blanco, Communications Manager, Latin America, and Brian Truong, Product Manager, recently watched “Otakus with English Subtitles.”