How goes it, folks? We have added a ton of new features to our site.
  • You can now embed the YouTube video player into your own webpage! That way people can view the video on your website without even coming to YouTube! See examples and instructions here.
  • See how many videos other people have watched :) Just click on their profile and look for the "I have watched 100 videos!" sentence under their username. Try this user for example.
  • Rate videos between 1 and 5 stars. Just click on the appropriate rating underneath the video while it's playing.
  • Find the top rated videos on the site.
  • Allow/Disallow comments on your own videos. You can set this preference for each video.
  • Allow/Disallow ratings on your own videos. You can set this preference for each video.
  • Email preferences: tell us for which events you like to receive emails.
  • Honors: When you watch a video, we'll tell you what Honors it has received (Top Viewed, Top Discussed, Top Favorite, ...). This list is shown to the right side of the video, above the related videos list. View this video as an example.

We are ecstatic to announce the changes we made to the site last night. As a result of many sleepless nights, we have completed a very feature-rich release. Once again, many of these changes are in direct response to your feedback, so please keep them coming. And the changes include...
  • First up, video flagging. At the bottom of the video watch page, you will notice a new section for flagging a video. If you encounter a video that's inappropriate or copyrighted, please use this feature to notify us. We will aggressively monitor these submissions and respond as quickly as we can.
  • Second, Friends & Sharing. We poured a tremendous amount of time and effort into enhancing our sharing functionality. With the new sharing feature, an easy-to-use pop-up appears over the video. From here, you can choose with whom you'd like to share the video with. This feature is really something that you have to see to appreciate. Trust me! Log in and watch a video. Then, click on 'Share this Video'... I told you so!
  • Lastly, Channels. While the video uploads have been pouring in, we realized it grew ever more difficult for viewers to find relevant and interesting videos. Though tags are very efficient at identifying specific details about content, we wanted to further simplify the browsing experience. With the release of Channels, similar content will be categorized and grouped into common channels. By "flipping" to a channel such as Short Movies or Travel & Places, you can browse through all videos within the channel.
Once again, thanks for using the site! Please contact us with any suggestions or feedback.

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